DIY Marionette

DIY Marionette- My process…


First I researched and recorded my subject matter; ballerinas…

IMG_1178 IMG_1183

I then moulded the face shape, I decided papier-mâché would be the easiest method.

IMG_1223 IMG_1219 IMG_1226 IMG_1251 IMG_1276

I then moulded the rest of the body using wood, and created the joints. I used papier-mâché over some of the areas to create more shape.


I then fixed the head onto the body and started to paint it.

DSC_0005 DSC_0020

I then attatched the strings and made sure the doll worked properly before painting the rest of it. 547991_10150672868758581_619527136_n copy IMG_1287 IMG_8629 IMG_1306 IMG_1320 IMG_1308